Author: Grant Gooding

April 2021, Marketing

Opportunity Doesn’t Knock. You Have to Find It.

“When opportunity knocks, answer the door.” Sure, it’s good advice. I think it means keep your eyes open and don’t be afraid to take risks to capitalize on possible opportunities. However, there is something about this phrase that I take issue with; it subtly suggests that if we just go through life and, as long as we pay attention, opportunities will fall in our lap. We have all heard stories…

March 2021, Marketing

The Henry Ford Innovation Paradox – Solved

How to Use Customer Research to Innovate “If I would have asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Henry Ford’s famous quote is one of our greatest lessons in innovation. (Although there is much doubt he ever said this, let’s not let that spoil our fun.) This famous quote surmises that we cannot “customer research” our way into innovation. Generally, I agree – if you approach…