Author: Paul Bredemeier

June 2021

Grow Your Business Without Growing Your Payroll

With Americans looking to return to something resembling “normal” life, many businesses are seeing a surge in customers. After months of battening down the hatches to ride out the storm of lockdowns and drops in consumer spending, the clouds are moving on. The return of customers is near for some and may already be here for others. Those in home improvement, hospitality and, yes, even toilet paper have seen the…

April 2021

Top Three Reasons Why Data-Driven Companies Are More Successful

We are hearing more and more talk about data. We constantly hear about the need for companies to rely on data and its growing importance. But what does it actually mean to be a data-driven company?  In simple terms, being data driven means relying on data and smart analytics to make important business decisions. So, your next question might be what kind of data are we talking about? Who gets…

March 2021, Growth Strategy, Tech

What Is a Fractional Executive and Why Should I Use One?

The term “fractional executive” has been used more and more the last several years and is becoming a growing trend for mid-market companies and growing start-ups. The challenge is many business owners are unsure what a fractional executive is or when is it the right time to bring someone on board. And where do you find the right person?  Whether or not you should hire one depends on your business,…