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Scrappy Marketing Plan: How To Implement Strategic Marketing On A Budget

Last year, businesses spent an average of $5.6 million to air a 30-second long commercial during the Super Bowl LV broadcast. Obviously, we can't all afford to spend our marketing budget on massive marketing campaigns like this. But, there are ways to maximize your marketing spend in a way that works for your business, your audience, and your bottom line. We call it scrappy marketing. Scrappy marketing means producing the…

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Sales Answer Man: How Do I Manage Salespeople and Meet My Sales Quota?

Question: I have a sales quota and sales management responsibilities for three other salespeople at my company. Sometimes I feel out of balance. Any suggestions?  Answer: Your question reminds me of many entrepreneurs I work with. It can feel like you are attempting to spin multiple plates on a stick – all at the same time. I would suggest you use the “Ben Franklin” method of drawing a line down…

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5 Creative Steps for Niche B2B Companies to Generate Leads Online

Lead generation can be a real challenge. And the type of B2B business you have can impact how you connect with your customers when it comes to generating leads. If you’re a company dealing in a niche product, you likely need a customized solution for reaching your target audience and helping customers understand how a specific product can help them. Let’s take LimeLight Marketing’s recent work with a client, a…