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March 2021, Expert Advice, Tech

Feeling Disconnected? You’re Not Alone.

At my company, we are experts in helping organizations simplify their IT and communications experience and enabling people to work remotely. Yet we dealt with all of the same pressures and issues you have faced over the last year. And for many of us, the change is going to last beyond the lockdowns. How do we continue to collaborate and operate efficiently to serve our clients? How to ensure our…

March 2021, Expert Advice, Growth Strategy, Tech

What Is a Fractional Executive and Why Should I Use One?

The term “fractional executive” has been used more and more the last several years and is becoming a growing trend for mid-market companies and growing start-ups. The challenge is many business owners are unsure what a fractional executive is or when is it the right time to bring someone on board. And where do you find the right person?  Whether or not you should hire one depends on your business,…

February 2021, Expert Advice, Marketing, Tech

Choosing the Best Database for Your Business

Businesses today run on data. Whether it’s information about your customers, transactions, or employees, you need to make sure that you safely and effectively store data in 2020. Business Data Problems It’s astounding how many companies still do not use some kind of database solution. Here are some of the approaches that we’ve seen businesses take that can cause problems: Paper files – Paper files are difficult to organize, take…