Author: Lisa Frey

January 2022, Expert Advice, Marketing

2022: The Year You Finally Understand the Value of Your Existing Customers

In marketing, we often have blinders on that make us believe the best way to be successful is to get new customers at an ever-increasing rate. But too often, we get caught up in this game of cat and mouse and forget that our best customers are already sitting in our database: existing customers. These people have already been won over once—who’s to say you can’t do it again? And…

November 2021, Expert Advice, Marketing

Coming From a Place of Gratitude: Your Marketing Is More Than Just Dollars and Cents

Happy “gratitude” month, SMB leaders! As we head into the Thanksgiving season, it’s time to prepare yourself to receive all the “we’re so grateful for you” marketing messages out there.  But before you start crafting that perfect one-off email and social media post expressing your gratitude for your customers, let me tell you a secret: Everyone can see right through that. Gratitude isn’t something you should practice once a year.…

August 2021, Expert Advice, Marketing

Why You Need to Start Thinking Strategically (& How to Actually Do It)

Four ways to overcome the most common roadblocks to strategic thinking With a title like director of client strategy, creating well-thought-out approaches is pretty much what I do. But in the slew of meetings and emails (an average of 126 emails per day says Radicati Group) and a whole host of “other duties as assigned,” it can be nearly impossible to think strategically on a daily basis. Because contrary to…

June 2021, Expert Advice, Marketing

Five Things Learned While Leading a Team During COVID

How the basics of leadership apply even more during a pandemic A year. A year of working from home, hoping the dog wouldn’t bark in the middle of my video call, cursing when the camera didn't turn on the way it was supposed to. A year of flatting the fly-away hairs at the top of my messy bun just before saying “Good morning, team!” on the first call of the…

May 2021, Expert Advice, Marketing

Why You Need an Outside Perspective in Marketing

It's hard to see through the forest when you're in the middle of it. Just like in life, the marketing perspective from the outside is often clearer than from the inside.  We have experienced this over and over again with our clients—they become so hyper-focused on the details of their businesses that it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to see the bigger picture. Getting an outside perspective can provide much-needed…

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