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January 2022, Expert Advice, Sales

Sales Answer Man: Why You Should Love Using a CRM to Increase Sales

Question: How can our sales professionals use our customer relationship manager (CRM) software more effectively?  Answer: CRM software is only as good as the people using it. Companies often spend tens of thousands of dollars, only to have their sales professionals not input anything. This is a double negative to the person who wrote the check (the owner). Here are some of the reasons why management purchases CRM software: Create…

Expert Advice, January 2022, Marketing

Why You Can’t Repeat Your Best Customers

Quickly, define your target market. Say it in your head … now. OK, how many demographics did you identify in your definition? Did you identify an industry? A role? Gross revenue? Employee count? Gender? Age range? Household income? Identifying demographic characteristics is an easy way to filter and segment your best potential customers based on a combination of assumptions and historical data. However, many of us fall into a mental…

January 2022, Branding, Expert Advice

The Trends for E-Commerce Businesses to Watch in 2022

Ecommerce is ever-evolving with new developments in technology, shifting customer behavior and unexpected events you can’t plan for. And the last few years in particular have delivered some major changes that have shaped the world we live in and that will continue to shape the future of retail and online shopping. One way you can keep evolving with the market is to look ahead to 2022’s emerging trends. Here are…

January 2022, Expert Advice, Marketing

2022: The Year You Finally Understand the Value of Your Existing Customers

In marketing, we often have blinders on that make us believe the best way to be successful is to get new customers at an ever-increasing rate. But too often, we get caught up in this game of cat and mouse and forget that our best customers are already sitting in our database: existing customers. These people have already been won over once—who’s to say you can’t do it again? And…

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Workplace Predictions for 2022

Wahoo! It’s 2022!! I don’t know about you (I promise I’m not trying to rhyme), but I always love the new year. It’s full of hope, fresh perspective and optimism. This year is no different. We are coming off the historic past two years, and I’m incredibly optimistic about 2022. Now I’ve dusted off my crystal ball, and I’m going to make some predictions about what’s to come in the…

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